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IFS Consultation Services
for Therapists

note: As an approved clinical consultant through the IFS-Institute, hours of consultation with Elizabeth will count towards certification for IFS level 1 graduates.
Elizabeth is only able to provide consultation to therapists working in Canada

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Individual Consultation

Case consultation that includes exploration of the therapist's internal system as it shows up in relation to their work with clients. Note that while personal parts and professional parts are interconnected, this is a consultative and not a therapy relationship. Sessions can include an IFS-based meditation, Q&A, role play, working with therapist parts and case consultation.

$185/1 hour session (includes HST)

Group Consultation

Groups of 4-6 therapists who meet monthly. The meetings will include case consultation, Q&A, and opportunity to work with therapist parts in experiential exercises or demos. Although you may have parts that feel uncertain about being in a consultation group, most participants find that groups help to deepen their learning and increase their sense of connection to others. The Self-energy that we feel in an IFS group benefits all our parts.

$80/person/session (includes HST) 90 minutes monthly, 4-6 session commitment

Practice Triads

Groups of 3 therapists meet biweekly over a series of 4 sessions to practice the IFS model. Each therapist will have 2 opportunities to be in each of three roles: therapist, client, and observer. The first session will be 2 hours to allow for three shorter practice sessions and an opportunity for participants to become more comfortable with each other. The remaining sessions will be 90 minutes each to allow for a full practice session and a chance to debrief and answer questions that arise from the practice.

$450/4 session series (includes HST)  approx biweekly - 6.5 hours total

For Fall 2024 consult group dates and times, please click here.

For triad practice dates and times, please click here.

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If you are interested in any of the above consultation services, please use this form.

Dr. Parsons does not provide individual therapy. For IFS-informed individual therapy please visit the IFS-I directory, or

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